Wednesday, November 28, 2012

138 days till teacher training! I may or may not have a countdown on my work agenda... I have so much to do before then, including ACTUALLY applying. I am not known for my multi-tasking abilities and I wanted to get my graduate school early decision ap in on time and then focus on this application. I've already gotten my studio owner recommendation, written the check, written the essay and signed the 20 page legal agreement so I just have to get a physical, take some passport sized photos, fill out a brief online application and then I'll be ready to apply. The deadline isn't till 30 days before training starts (April 15th), so it's nice to not have a huge rush.

For those of you who I haven't yet spoken to about this adventure, here are the basics. Bikram Yoga is a specific trademarked series of 26 yoga postures that takes 90 minutes and is done in a 105 degree heated room with added  humidity. In order to teach this yoga, you have to go to a training program, led by Bikram himself, that is 9 weeks long and in LA California. During the week, me and over 400 other trainees will be taking 2 yoga classes per day, attending lectures, practicing the dialogue (45 pages long!) on how to describe each posture,  learning anatomy and philosophy and getting very little sleep.

Practicing this yoga regularly has helped me maintain stability physically and mentally throughout some chaotic times, and I have dreamed of having a chance to do this program for years! I am hoping to keep up with this blog before, during and after this epic adventure to keep the memories fresh and share my stories with all of the people who helped make it happen. As my dad said yesterday, "We all have some sweat equity in this". From dropping me off at class when I've had car trouble, encouraging this dream when it seemed totally crazy and far fetched, offensive post yoga towels and outfits hanging around, and putting up with me being late on account of going to yoga, SO many people have helped make this happen in little and big ways.
THANK YOU, keep checking in!