Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Preparation Continues :)

I now changed my countdown to when I'm flying to Los Angeles, which is Friday April 12th! This means I have 72 days officially to learn enough dialogue to get by, practice the right amount, and gather everything I need. My studio sold Lululemon for a long time and is ending their contract so all of the remaining merchandise went on a 40% off sale. I stocked up on a couple of tops/bras so I think I'm set there. I tend to prefer lulu bra tops and shakti side string shorts on the bottom. Since there will be 11 classes per week, I figure that I'll need at least that many outfits and perhaps a couple more just in case. In the midst of this 'must stock up on cute yoga clothes' frenzy I got this skin inflammation/flare up on my leg. For the past few days I've been practicing in kinda frumpy capris and old clothes, and I've felt pretty liberated by it actually. I think I was getting too attached to looking like a super serious, soon to be bikram teacher practicing in the front of the class. Yesterday after a long day of working and coaching, I made it to the evening class barely in time and set up in the back row in my overweight woman wal mart capris. It was easily one of the most fun classes I've had in a while. Partially because I was next to an awesome regular who is a bit of the class clown, but partially because I got a little reality check on not taking my class too seriously.

Last evening I also ordered a few things from Amazon that I have heard or read will be helpful at training:
*Ultima Electrolyte Replenisher- I got a 90 serving canister in the lemonade flavor. I already got a sampler packet to see which I liked best and was really impressed with the light flavor and effects.
*Trace Mineral Electrolyte Pills- I've heard these are the best. I'm obsessively hydrated and drink at least 6 L a day everyday so I know I'll feel crummy if I don't pay attention to this.
*Electric Water Kettle- So I can make oatmeal, teas, etc.
*50 pack of ear plugs- I have heard that we'll be exposed to some Bollywood movies at blasting loud volumes so these are a good idea...plenty to share
*Insulated water bottle- I'm sure I'll need multiple water bottles, but I figured a quality one would be a good investment.

Still NEED to purchase or gather:
*A new yoga mat- my thick black manduka mat is WAY too heavy to lug up and down stairs.
*Vitamins, Iron, Advil, Sleep assure, band aids, neosporin, bengay
*Cleaning supplies
*Basic cooking supplies
*Non perishable food items
*Brita water pitcher with spare filters
*a few notebooks and school supplies for lectures
*a laminated copy of the dialogue, I think I can do this at training but might be cheaper to make on my own.

There is so much to do in the next couple of months at work and home in addition to preparation and training!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013


I am officially registered for the Spring session of training! There were a surprising amount of odds and ends to get together for the application. I heard back very promptly from Bikram's HQ and a copy of the dialog is in the mail on its way to me at this very moment! This week I missed a day of work and have been struggling though the end of the week because of a nasty little head cold. I was so very close to skipping class last night in favor of an early bedtime, but then I thought of how at training I'll likely be in class despite weirder things going on with my body and mind than a headcold. I made it to class just barely on time and despite the fact that the class was pretty full my favorite spot in the hot room was wide open. Clearly I was meant to fill that spot :). Despite the fact that it was not an easy class for me and I was struggling with some postures that are normally on the easier side for me, I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude. The combination of total exasperation from my cold and the emotional excitement of hearing back about training made my mind flood with all of the people and experiences that led me here. I tried to keep my mind focused on the single word 'gratitude' as opposed to the specifics. It was one of those classes where getting to the studio and on my mat was 99% of the battle and the rest just took care of itsself.

Next on my training to do list is booking my flights! Check in and orientation begin April 14th in the afternoon and graduation is June 16th (Father's Day!). I'm wondering when most people typically fly in? I want to have enough time to settle in without paying heaps of extra $$. I've also been thinking about the best way to prepare during the remaining 93 days till training. I've heard some varying pieces of advice on this, but the common thread is to focus on the dialog memorization and continue with your typical practice. Usually I practice 6 times a week and rest 1. Lately I've been trying to add in a double once a week to push myself and deepen the stretching a bit and still give myself one day off. I don't want to overtrain and get burnt out before training begins. I also want to make sure I dedicate a lot of time to family and friends in the upcoming months. Being totally away from everyone for the 9 weeks of training will be tough enough, so I don't want to constantly be blowing people off to go to yoga. It's also time to start thinking about packing lists and what I need to bring, but I'll post on that a bit later as the time draws nearer.

Let me know if anyone has tips on training, flight booking, or general preparation!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

138 days till teacher training! I may or may not have a countdown on my work agenda... I have so much to do before then, including ACTUALLY applying. I am not known for my multi-tasking abilities and I wanted to get my graduate school early decision ap in on time and then focus on this application. I've already gotten my studio owner recommendation, written the check, written the essay and signed the 20 page legal agreement so I just have to get a physical, take some passport sized photos, fill out a brief online application and then I'll be ready to apply. The deadline isn't till 30 days before training starts (April 15th), so it's nice to not have a huge rush.

For those of you who I haven't yet spoken to about this adventure, here are the basics. Bikram Yoga is a specific trademarked series of 26 yoga postures that takes 90 minutes and is done in a 105 degree heated room with added  humidity. In order to teach this yoga, you have to go to a training program, led by Bikram himself, that is 9 weeks long and in LA California. During the week, me and over 400 other trainees will be taking 2 yoga classes per day, attending lectures, practicing the dialogue (45 pages long!) on how to describe each posture,  learning anatomy and philosophy and getting very little sleep.

Practicing this yoga regularly has helped me maintain stability physically and mentally throughout some chaotic times, and I have dreamed of having a chance to do this program for years! I am hoping to keep up with this blog before, during and after this epic adventure to keep the memories fresh and share my stories with all of the people who helped make it happen. As my dad said yesterday, "We all have some sweat equity in this". From dropping me off at class when I've had car trouble, encouraging this dream when it seemed totally crazy and far fetched, offensive post yoga towels and outfits hanging around, and putting up with me being late on account of going to yoga, SO many people have helped make this happen in little and big ways.
THANK YOU, keep checking in!