Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Preparation Continues :)

I now changed my countdown to when I'm flying to Los Angeles, which is Friday April 12th! This means I have 72 days officially to learn enough dialogue to get by, practice the right amount, and gather everything I need. My studio sold Lululemon for a long time and is ending their contract so all of the remaining merchandise went on a 40% off sale. I stocked up on a couple of tops/bras so I think I'm set there. I tend to prefer lulu bra tops and shakti side string shorts on the bottom. Since there will be 11 classes per week, I figure that I'll need at least that many outfits and perhaps a couple more just in case. In the midst of this 'must stock up on cute yoga clothes' frenzy I got this skin inflammation/flare up on my leg. For the past few days I've been practicing in kinda frumpy capris and old clothes, and I've felt pretty liberated by it actually. I think I was getting too attached to looking like a super serious, soon to be bikram teacher practicing in the front of the class. Yesterday after a long day of working and coaching, I made it to the evening class barely in time and set up in the back row in my overweight woman wal mart capris. It was easily one of the most fun classes I've had in a while. Partially because I was next to an awesome regular who is a bit of the class clown, but partially because I got a little reality check on not taking my class too seriously.

Last evening I also ordered a few things from Amazon that I have heard or read will be helpful at training:
*Ultima Electrolyte Replenisher- I got a 90 serving canister in the lemonade flavor. I already got a sampler packet to see which I liked best and was really impressed with the light flavor and effects.
*Trace Mineral Electrolyte Pills- I've heard these are the best. I'm obsessively hydrated and drink at least 6 L a day everyday so I know I'll feel crummy if I don't pay attention to this.
*Electric Water Kettle- So I can make oatmeal, teas, etc.
*50 pack of ear plugs- I have heard that we'll be exposed to some Bollywood movies at blasting loud volumes so these are a good idea...plenty to share
*Insulated water bottle- I'm sure I'll need multiple water bottles, but I figured a quality one would be a good investment.

Still NEED to purchase or gather:
*A new yoga mat- my thick black manduka mat is WAY too heavy to lug up and down stairs.
*Vitamins, Iron, Advil, Sleep assure, band aids, neosporin, bengay
*Cleaning supplies
*Basic cooking supplies
*Non perishable food items
*Brita water pitcher with spare filters
*a few notebooks and school supplies for lectures
*a laminated copy of the dialogue, I think I can do this at training but might be cheaper to make on my own.

There is so much to do in the next couple of months at work and home in addition to preparation and training!!!!

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